addFileName(String) - Method in class cgl.imr.data.file.FileDataPartition
addJarFileName(String) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.NewJobRequest
addKeyValue(Key, Value) - Method in class cgl.imr.base.KeyValueMap
addKeyValue(Key, Value) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.CombineInput
addKeyValue(Key, Value) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.MapTaskRequest
addKeyValue(Key, Value) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.ReduceInput
addMapTaskStatus(TaskStatus) - Method in class cgl.imr.monitor.JobStatus
addProperty(String, String) - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.JobConf
addProperty(String, String) - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.StringPropertyListImpl
addProperty(String, String) - Method in interface cgl.imr.base.StringPropertyList
addProperty(String, String) - Method in class cgl.imr.base.TaskConf
addReduceTaskStatus(TaskStatus) - Method in class cgl.imr.monitor.JobStatus
assignPartitions(PartitionInfo) - Method in interface cgl.imr.data.DataPartitioner
assignPartitions(PartitionInfo) - Method in class cgl.imr.data.file.FileDataPartitioner
Assign data partitions - files - to map tasks.


brokerHost - Variable in class cgl.imr.pubsub.nb.NBConfigurations
brokerPort - Variable in class cgl.imr.pubsub.nb.NBConfigurations
BytesValue - Class in cgl.imr.types
Implementation of ByteValue.
BytesValue() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.types.BytesValue
BytesValue(byte[]) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.types.BytesValue


cgl.imr.base - package cgl.imr.base
cgl.imr.base.impl - package cgl.imr.base.impl
cgl.imr.client - package cgl.imr.client
cgl.imr.config - package cgl.imr.config
cgl.imr.data - package cgl.imr.data
cgl.imr.data.file - package cgl.imr.data.file
cgl.imr.message - package cgl.imr.message
cgl.imr.monitor - package cgl.imr.monitor
cgl.imr.pubsub.nb - package cgl.imr.pubsub.nb
cgl.imr.script - package cgl.imr.script
cgl.imr.types - package cgl.imr.types
cgl.imr.util - package cgl.imr.util
cgl.imr.worker - package cgl.imr.worker
Cleaner - Class in cgl.imr.worker
Cleaner() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.worker.Cleaner
ClientCall - Class in cgl.imr.client
A utility class to send/receive messages using pub-sub infrastructure.
ClientCall() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.client.ClientCall
close() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.GenericCombiner
close() - Method in interface cgl.imr.base.MapTask
Any cleanup goes here.
close() - Method in interface cgl.imr.base.PubSubService
Close the PubSubService connections.
close() - Method in interface cgl.imr.base.ReduceTask
Any cleanup goes here.
close() - Method in class cgl.imr.client.ClientCall
close() - Method in class cgl.imr.client.PartitionFileCreator
close() - Method in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver
Cleanup the job related states, including the broker connections.
close() - Method in class cgl.imr.pubsub.nb.NBPubSubService
Cleanup the NaradaBrokering connections and profiles.
close() - Method in class cgl.imr.script.FileCollector
close() - Method in class cgl.imr.util.CustomClassLoader
close() - Method in class cgl.imr.worker.Mapper
collect(Key, Value) - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.MapOutputCollectorImpl
collect(Key, Value) - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.ReduceOutputCollectorImpl
collect(Key, Value) - Method in interface cgl.imr.base.MapOutputCollector
Collect pairs produced by the map task.
collect(Key, Value) - Method in interface cgl.imr.base.ReduceOutputCollector
Collect the output of the Reduce task.
combine(Map<Key, Value>) - Method in interface cgl.imr.base.Combiner
Should perform the user defined combine operation for the passed pairs.
combine(Map<Key, Value>) - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.GenericCombiner
COMBINE_INPUT - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
COMBINE_TOPIC_BASE - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
CombineInput - Class in cgl.imr.message
CombineInput() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.message.CombineInput
CombineInput(String) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.message.CombineInput
Combiner - Interface in cgl.imr.base
This interface encapsulates the methods that need to be supported by a user defined Combine task.
combinerInputReceived() - Method in class cgl.imr.monitor.TwisterMonitor
combineTopic - Variable in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver
commType - Variable in class cgl.imr.pubsub.nb.NBConfigurations
ConfigurationException - Exception in cgl.imr.config
ConfigurationException() - Constructor for exception cgl.imr.config.ConfigurationException
ConfigurationException(String) - Constructor for exception cgl.imr.config.ConfigurationException
ConfigurationException(String, Throwable) - Constructor for exception cgl.imr.config.ConfigurationException
ConfigurationException(Throwable) - Constructor for exception cgl.imr.config.ConfigurationException
configure(JobConf) - Method in interface cgl.imr.base.Combiner
Use to configure a combine task for static data/or other configurations.
configure(JobConf) - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.GenericCombiner
configure(JobConf, MapperConf) - Method in interface cgl.imr.base.MapTask
Use to configure a Map task for static data/or other configurations.
configure(JobConf, String) - Method in class cgl.imr.base.ReducerSelector
configure(JobConf, ReducerConf) - Method in interface cgl.imr.base.ReduceTask
Use to configure a Reduce task for static data/or other configurations.
configureCombiner(Combiner) - Method in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver
configureMaps() - Method in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver
Configure map tasks without any input.
configureMaps(String) - Method in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver
configureMaps(Value[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver
Configure the map tasks using static values/configurations.
configureReduce(Value[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver
Allow users to configure reduce tasks with static configuration.
currentCombiner - Variable in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver
CustomClassLoader - Class in cgl.imr.util
Custom class loader for MapReduce computations.
CustomClassLoader() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.util.CustomClassLoader


daemonPortBase - Variable in class cgl.imr.config.TwisterConfigurations
DaemonWorker - Class in cgl.imr.worker
Main entity that handles most of the server side functionality.
DaemonWorker(int, int) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.worker.DaemonWorker
DataPartition - Interface in cgl.imr.data
Interface of data partitions.
DataPartitioner - Interface in cgl.imr.data
Captures the common functionality of a data partitioner interface.
DataPartitionException - Exception in cgl.imr.data
Exception class for all data partitioning related errors.
DataPartitionException(Exception) - Constructor for exception cgl.imr.data.DataPartitionException
DataPartitionException(String) - Constructor for exception cgl.imr.data.DataPartitionException
DataPartitionException(String, Exception) - Constructor for exception cgl.imr.data.DataPartitionException
DIR_LIST_REQ - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
DIR_LIST_RES - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
DirListRequest - Class in cgl.imr.message
Message sent requesting a directory listing.
DirListRequest() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.message.DirListRequest
DirListRequest(String, String, String) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.message.DirListRequest
DirListResponse - Class in cgl.imr.message
Response message for directory listing.
DirListResponse() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.message.DirListResponse
DirListResponse(List<String>) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.message.DirListResponse
DoubleVectorData - Class in cgl.imr.types
Represents a vector comprised of double values.
DoubleVectorData() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.types.DoubleVectorData
DoubleVectorData(double[][], int, int) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.types.DoubleVectorData


EndJobRequest - Class in cgl.imr.message
Message sent to inform the end of MapReduce computation.
EndJobRequest() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.message.EndJobRequest
equals(Object) - Method in interface cgl.imr.base.Key
Use to compare the keys.
equals(Object) - Method in class cgl.imr.types.IntKey
equals(Object) - Method in class cgl.imr.types.LongKey
equals(Object) - Method in class cgl.imr.types.StringKey


FAILED - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
FILE_COPY_PROGRAM - Static variable in class cgl.imr.script.FileCollector
FILE_COPY_PROGRAM - Static variable in class cgl.imr.script.FileDistributor
FileCollector - Class in cgl.imr.script
A utility class to collect files (data files typically generated by MapReduce computations) distributed among the compute nods to a given directory.
FileCollector() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.script.FileCollector
FileCopyThread - Class in cgl.imr.script
FileCopyThread(String, String, Object, boolean) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.script.FileCopyThread
FileData - Class in cgl.imr.data.file
Information for file data partition.
FileData() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.data.file.FileData
FileData(String) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.data.file.FileData
FileDataPartition - Class in cgl.imr.data.file
Represents a file data partition.
FileDataPartition() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.data.file.FileDataPartition
FileDataPartitioner - Class in cgl.imr.data.file
Assign map tasks for a given file data partition.
FileDataPartitioner(int) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.data.file.FileDataPartitioner
FileDistributor - Class in cgl.imr.script
This class provide the functionality of distributing a set of files available in a given directory to a collection of compute nodes.
FileDistributor() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.script.FileDistributor
findClass(String) - Method in class cgl.imr.util.CustomClassLoader
FIXED_DATA_FILE - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
FIXED_DATA_MODEL - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
fromBytes(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.JobConf
Serializes the JobConf object.
fromBytes(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.MapperConf
fromBytes(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.ReducerConf
Construct the object from the Serialized bytes.
fromBytes(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.StringPropertyListImpl
fromBytes(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.base.KeyValueMap
fromBytes(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.base.TaskConf
Construct the StringPropertyList from the serialized bytes.
fromBytes(byte[]) - Method in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterSerializable
Construct the object back from a previously serialized bytes.
fromBytes(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.data.file.FileData
fromBytes(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.data.file.FileDataPartition
fromBytes(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.CombineInput
fromBytes(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.DirListRequest
fromBytes(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.DirListResponse
fromBytes(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.EndJobRequest
fromBytes(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.MapperRequest
fromBytes(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.MapTaskRequest
fromBytes(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.NewJobRequest
fromBytes(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.PubSubMessage
fromBytes(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.ReduceInput
fromBytes(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.ReducerRequest
fromBytes(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.TaskStatus
fromBytes(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.WorkerResponse
fromBytes(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.types.BytesValue
fromBytes(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.types.DoubleVectorData
fromBytes(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.types.IntKey
fromBytes(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.types.IntValue
fromBytes(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.types.LongKey
fromBytes(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.types.NullValue
fromBytes(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.types.StringKey
fromBytes(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.types.StringValue


GenericCombiner - Class in cgl.imr.base.impl
A generic combiner that can be used by any MapReduce computation.
GenericCombiner() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.base.impl.GenericCombiner
getAssignedNode() - Method in class cgl.imr.client.TaskAssignment
getAssignedNode(int) - Method in interface cgl.imr.data.DataPartitioner
getAssignedNode(int) - Method in class cgl.imr.data.file.FileDataPartitioner
Returns a node where the given map task is scheduled to run.
getBrokerHost() - Method in class cgl.imr.pubsub.nb.NBConfigurations
getBrokerPort() - Method in class cgl.imr.pubsub.nb.NBConfigurations
getBytes() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.JobConf
Deserializes the JobConf object.
getBytes() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.MapperConf
getBytes() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.ReducerConf
Serialize the object.
getBytes() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.StringPropertyListImpl
getBytes() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.KeyValueMap
getBytes() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.TaskConf
Serialize the StringPropertyList object.
getBytes() - Method in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterSerializable
Serialize the object and returns the bytes.
getBytes() - Method in class cgl.imr.data.file.FileData
getBytes() - Method in class cgl.imr.data.file.FileDataPartition
getBytes() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.CombineInput
getBytes() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.DirListRequest
getBytes() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.DirListResponse
getBytes() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.EndJobRequest
getBytes() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.MapperRequest
getBytes() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.MapTaskRequest
getBytes() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.NewJobRequest
getBytes() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.PubSubMessage
getBytes() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.ReduceInput
getBytes() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.ReducerRequest
getBytes() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.TaskStatus
getBytes() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.WorkerResponse
getBytes() - Method in class cgl.imr.types.BytesValue
getBytes() - Method in class cgl.imr.types.DoubleVectorData
getBytes() - Method in class cgl.imr.types.IntKey
getBytes() - Method in class cgl.imr.types.IntValue
getBytes() - Method in class cgl.imr.types.LongKey
getBytes() - Method in class cgl.imr.types.NullValue
getBytes() - Method in class cgl.imr.types.StringKey
getBytes() - Method in class cgl.imr.types.StringValue
getClassLoader(String) - Static method in class cgl.imr.worker.DaemonWorker
getCombineInput() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.ReduceOutputCollectorImpl
getCombineInput() - Method in interface cgl.imr.base.ReduceOutputCollector
Returns a combine input by grouping the Reduce outputs.
getCombinerClass() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.JobConf
getCombineTopic() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.CombineInput
getCombineTopic() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.ReducerRequest
getCommType() - Method in class cgl.imr.pubsub.nb.NBConfigurations
getCurrentCombiner() - Method in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver
getCurrentMapPercentage() - Method in class cgl.imr.monitor.JobStatus
getCurrentReducePercentage() - Method in class cgl.imr.monitor.JobStatus
getCurrentRequest() - Method in class cgl.imr.worker.Mapper
getDaemonPortBase() - Method in class cgl.imr.config.TwisterConfigurations
getData() - Method in class cgl.imr.types.DoubleVectorData
getDataPartition() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.MapperConf
getDirectry() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.DirListRequest
getException() - Method in class cgl.imr.worker.Mapper
getExceptionString() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.TaskStatus
getExceptionString() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.WorkerResponse
getExecuationTime() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.TaskStatus
getFileCount() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.DirListResponse
getFileFilter() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.DirListRequest
getFileName() - Method in class cgl.imr.data.file.FileData
getFileName() - Method in class cgl.imr.data.file.PartitionFile
getFileNames() - Method in class cgl.imr.data.file.FileDataPartition
getFileNames() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.DirListResponse
getInstance() - Static method in class cgl.imr.config.TwisterConfigurations
getJobConf() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.MapperRequest
getJobConf() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.ReducerRequest
getJobId() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.JobConf
getJobId() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.ReducerSelector
getJobId() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.EndJobRequest
getJobId() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.MapTaskRequest
getJobId() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.NewJobRequest
getJobId() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.ReduceInput
getKey() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.KeyValuePair
getKey() - Method in class cgl.imr.types.IntKey
getKey() - Method in class cgl.imr.types.LongKey
getKeyValues() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.KeyValueMap
getKeyValues() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.MapTaskRequest
getLocalAppJarDir() - Method in class cgl.imr.config.TwisterConfigurations
getLocalDataDir() - Method in class cgl.imr.config.TwisterConfigurations
getMapClass() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.JobConf
getMapConf() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.MapperRequest
getMapTaskNo() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.MapperConf
getMapTaskNo() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.MapperRequest
getMapTaskNo() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.MapTaskRequest
getMapTaskStatuses() - Method in class cgl.imr.monitor.JobStatus
getMapTaskStatuses(int) - Method in class cgl.imr.monitor.JobStatus
getMaxNumMapTasks() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.EndJobRequest
getMonitor() - Method in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver
getMonitoringException() - Method in class cgl.imr.monitor.TwisterMonitor
getNode() - Method in class cgl.imr.data.NodePartitionPair
getNodeFile() - Method in class cgl.imr.config.TwisterConfigurations
getNumCombineInputsReceived() - Method in class cgl.imr.monitor.JobStatus
getNumData() - Method in class cgl.imr.types.DoubleVectorData
getNumFailedMapTasks() - Method in class cgl.imr.monitor.JobStatus
getNumFailedReduceTasks() - Method in class cgl.imr.monitor.JobStatus
getNumMapTasks() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.JobConf
getNumReducers() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.ReducerSelector
getNumReduceTasks() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.JobConf
getNumSuccessfulMapTasks() - Method in class cgl.imr.monitor.JobStatus
getNumSuccessfulReduceTasks() - Method in class cgl.imr.monitor.JobStatus
getOutputs() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.CombineInput
getOutputs() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.ReduceInput
getPartition(int) - Method in interface cgl.imr.data.DataPartitioner
getPartition(int) - Method in class cgl.imr.data.file.FileDataPartitioner
getPartition() - Method in class cgl.imr.data.NodePartitionPair
getProperties() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.JobConf
getProperty(String) - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.JobConf
getProperty(String) - Method in class cgl.imr.base.TaskConf
getPropertyValue(String) - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.StringPropertyListImpl
getPropertyValue(String) - Method in interface cgl.imr.base.StringPropertyList
getPubsubBroker() - Method in class cgl.imr.config.TwisterConfigurations
getPubSubService(TwisterConfigurations) - Static method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.PubSubFactory
getReduceClass() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.JobConf
getReduceConf() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.ReducerRequest
getReduceInputs() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.MapOutputCollectorImpl
getReduceInputs() - Method in interface cgl.imr.base.MapOutputCollector
Generate and returns the reduce inputs after grouping the pairs using some algorithm such as hashing.
getReducerNumber(Key) - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.HashBasedReducerSelector
Simply returns the hashCode()% number of reduce tasks.
getReducerNumber(Key) - Method in class cgl.imr.base.ReducerSelector
Returns the reducer number for a given Key.
getReducerSelectorClass() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.JobConf
getReduceTaskNo() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.ReducerConf
getReduceTaskStatuses() - Method in class cgl.imr.monitor.JobStatus
getReduceTaskStatuses(int) - Method in class cgl.imr.monitor.JobStatus
getReduceTopic() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.ReducerRequest
getRefMessageId() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.PubSubMessage
getResponseTopic() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.DirListRequest
getResponseTopic() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.EndJobRequest
getResponseTopic() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.MapperRequest
getResponseTopic() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.MapTaskRequest
getResponseTopic() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.NewJobRequest
getResponseTopic() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.ReducerRequest
getResults() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.GenericCombiner
getSink() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.ReduceInput
getSinkBase() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.ReducerSelector
getSinkBase() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.MapTaskRequest
getStatus() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.TaskStatus
getString() - Method in class cgl.imr.types.StringKey
getTaskNo() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.TaskStatus
getTaskRequest() - Method in class cgl.imr.client.TaskAssignment
getTaskType() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.TaskStatus
getVal() - Method in class cgl.imr.types.IntValue
getValue() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.MapperConf
getValue() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.ReducerConf
getValue() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.KeyValuePair
getVecLen() - Method in class cgl.imr.types.DoubleVectorData


handleMapperRequest(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.worker.DaemonWorker
Creates a Mapper to this particular map task.
handleMapReduceTermination(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.worker.DaemonWorker
Removes the cached mappers and the reducers and send a response to the client.
handleMapTask(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.worker.DaemonWorker
Schedules the execution of a map task by finding appropriate mapper object.
handleReduceInputMessage(ReduceInput) - Method in class cgl.imr.worker.Reducer
Adds the reduce inputs to the reduceinputs.
handleReducerRequest(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.worker.DaemonWorker
Starts a Reducer to handle the reduce computation.
HashBasedReducerSelector - Class in cgl.imr.base.impl
Hash value based output format.
HashBasedReducerSelector() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.base.impl.HashBasedReducerSelector
HashBasedReducerSelector(int, String, String) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.base.impl.HashBasedReducerSelector
hashCode() - Method in interface cgl.imr.base.Key
Returns the hash code associated with this key.
hashCode() - Method in class cgl.imr.types.IntKey
hashCode() - Method in class cgl.imr.types.LongKey
hashCode() - Method in class cgl.imr.types.StringKey
hasRefMsgId - Variable in class cgl.imr.message.PubSubMessage
HEP_DATA_STRING - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants


incrementCombineInputs() - Method in class cgl.imr.monitor.JobStatus
incrementFailedMapTasks() - Method in class cgl.imr.monitor.JobStatus
incrementFailedReduceTasks() - Method in class cgl.imr.monitor.JobStatus
incrementSuccessfulMapTasks() - Method in class cgl.imr.monitor.JobStatus
incrementSuccessfulReduceTasks() - Method in class cgl.imr.monitor.JobStatus
IntKey - Class in cgl.imr.types
Key holding an integer value.
IntKey() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.types.IntKey
IntKey(byte[]) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.types.IntKey
IntKey(int) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.types.IntKey
IntKey(Integer) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.types.IntKey
IntValue - Class in cgl.imr.types
Integer Value.
IntValue() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.types.IntValue
IntValue(int) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.types.IntValue
isAllReduceInputsReceived() - Method in class cgl.imr.worker.Reducer
Check if all the reduce inputs have received.
isComplete() - Method in class cgl.imr.monitor.TwisterMonitor
Check if the monitoring is complete.
isDataLoaded() - Method in class cgl.imr.types.DoubleVectorData
isErrors() - Method in class cgl.imr.script.FileCopyThread
isHasCombiner() - Method in class cgl.imr.monitor.TwisterMonitor
isHasCombinerClass() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.JobConf
isHasDataPartition() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.MapperConf
isHasException() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.TaskStatus
isHasException() - Method in class cgl.imr.message.WorkerResponse
isHasException() - Method in class cgl.imr.worker.Mapper
isHasProperties() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.JobConf
isHasReduceClass() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.JobConf
isHasValue() - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.MapperConf
isMonitoringMapReduce - Variable in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver


JarClassLoaderException - Exception in cgl.imr.util
JarClassLoaderException() - Constructor for exception cgl.imr.util.JarClassLoaderException
JarClassLoaderException(String) - Constructor for exception cgl.imr.util.JarClassLoaderException
JarClassLoaderException(String, Throwable) - Constructor for exception cgl.imr.util.JarClassLoaderException
JarClassLoaderException(Throwable) - Constructor for exception cgl.imr.util.JarClassLoaderException
JobConf - Class in cgl.imr.base.impl
Configuration for MapReduce computations.
JobConf(byte[]) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.base.impl.JobConf
JobConf(String) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.base.impl.JobConf
jobConf - Variable in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver
jobId - Variable in class cgl.imr.base.ReducerSelector
jobState - Variable in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver
JobStatus - Class in cgl.imr.monitor
Presents the state of the job to the user.
JobStatus(JobConf) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.monitor.JobStatus


Key - Interface in cgl.imr.base
Interface for Keys used for MapReduce computations.
KeyValueMap - Class in cgl.imr.base
KeyValueMap() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.base.KeyValueMap
KeyValuePair - Class in cgl.imr.base
A wrapper class to hold a pair.
KeyValuePair(Key, Value) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.base.KeyValuePair


loadClass(String) - Method in class cgl.imr.util.CustomClassLoader
loadDataFromBinFile(String) - Method in class cgl.imr.types.DoubleVectorData
Loads data from a binary file.
loadDataFromTextFile(String) - Method in class cgl.imr.types.DoubleVectorData
Loads data from a text file.
loadProperties(String) - Static method in class cgl.imr.util.PropertyLoader
localAppJarDir - Variable in class cgl.imr.config.TwisterConfigurations
localDataDir - Variable in class cgl.imr.config.TwisterConfigurations
LongKey - Class in cgl.imr.types
Key holding a long value.
LongKey() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.types.LongKey
LongKey(byte[]) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.types.LongKey
LongKey(long) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.types.LongKey
LongKey(Long) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.types.LongKey


main(String[]) - Static method in class cgl.imr.client.PartitionFileCreator
main(String[]) - Static method in class cgl.imr.script.FileCollector
main(String[]) - Static method in class cgl.imr.script.FileDistributor
main(String[]) - Static method in class cgl.imr.script.StopDaemons
main(String[]) - Static method in class cgl.imr.worker.TwisterDaemon
map(MapOutputCollector, Key, Value) - Method in interface cgl.imr.base.MapTask
Should perform the user defined Map operation for the passed pairs.
MAP_ITERATIONS_OVER - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
MAP_REDUCE_TOPIC_BASE - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
MAP_TASK - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
MAP_TASK_REQUEST - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
MAP_WORKER_STARTED - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
mapConfigured - Variable in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver
MapOutputCollector - Interface in cgl.imr.base
Captures the functionality of the collector interface for Map task outputs.
MapOutputCollectorImpl - Class in cgl.imr.base.impl
Collector for Map outputs.
MapOutputCollectorImpl(ReducerSelector) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.base.impl.MapOutputCollectorImpl
Mapper - Class in cgl.imr.worker
Executor for the map tasks.
Mapper(MapperRequest, PubSubService, CustomClassLoader) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.worker.Mapper
MAPPER_REQUEST - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
MapperConf - Class in cgl.imr.base.impl
Configuration for Map tasks.
MapperConf(byte[], ClassLoader) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.base.impl.MapperConf
MapperConf(int) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.base.impl.MapperConf
MapperConf(int, DataPartition) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.base.impl.MapperConf
MapperConf(int, DataPartitioner, Value) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.base.impl.MapperConf
MapperConf(int, Value) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.base.impl.MapperConf
MapperRequest - Class in cgl.imr.message
Message sent requesting mapper task.
MapperRequest() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.message.MapperRequest
MapperRequest(byte[]) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.message.MapperRequest
MapperRequest(JobConf, MapperConf) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.message.MapperRequest
MapTask - Interface in cgl.imr.base
This interface encapsulates the methods that need to be supported by a user defined Map task.
MapTaskRequest - Class in cgl.imr.message
Request for map tasks.
MapTaskRequest() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.message.MapTaskRequest
MapTaskRequest(byte[]) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.message.MapTaskRequest
MapTaskRequest(int) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.message.MapTaskRequest
mapTasks - Variable in class cgl.imr.data.file.FileDataPartitioner
mapTasksMap - Variable in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver
monitor - Variable in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver
MONITOR_REQUEST - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
MONITOR_RESPONSE - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
MONITOR_SLEEP_TIME - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
monitorTillCompletion() - Method in class cgl.imr.monitor.TwisterMonitor
Monitors till the completion of the job.
monitorTillCompletion(int) - Method in class cgl.imr.monitor.TwisterMonitor
Wait till the completion of the job or till the given number of minutes.
mrConfig - Variable in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver


NBConfigurations - Class in cgl.imr.pubsub.nb
Wrapper object for NaradaBrokering related properties.
NBConfigurations() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.pubsub.nb.NBConfigurations
NBConfigurations(String) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.pubsub.nb.NBConfigurations
NBPubSubService - Class in cgl.imr.pubsub.nb
Abstract the NaradaBrokering's pub/sub communication.
NBPubSubService() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.pubsub.nb.NBPubSubService
NEW_JOB_REQUEST - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
NEW_JOB_RESPONSE - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
NewJobRequest - Class in cgl.imr.message
Request to create the necessary environment for a new MapReduce computation.
NewJobRequest() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.message.NewJobRequest
NewJobRequest(byte[]) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.message.NewJobRequest
NewJobRequest(String, String) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.message.NewJobRequest
nodeFile - Variable in class cgl.imr.config.TwisterConfigurations
NodePartitionPair - Class in cgl.imr.data
A wrapper class to hold a node and a data partition.
NodePartitionPair(int, DataPartition) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.data.NodePartitionPair
NullValue - Class in cgl.imr.types
Null Value that can be used for Map/Reduce tasks if necessary.
NullValue() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.types.NullValue
NUM_FILE_COPY_THREADS - Static variable in class cgl.imr.script.FileCollector
NUM_FILE_COPY_THREADS - Static variable in class cgl.imr.script.FileDistributor
NUM_MAP_TASKS - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
NUM_REDUCE_TASKS - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
numMapTasks - Variable in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver
numMapTasks - Variable in class cgl.imr.data.file.FileDataPartitioner
numNodes - Variable in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver
numReducers - Variable in class cgl.imr.base.ReducerSelector
numReduceTasks - Variable in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver


onEvent(byte[]) - Method in interface cgl.imr.base.Subscribable
This method is called when a message is available.
onEvent(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.client.ClientCall
onEvent(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver
All the incoming messages are received here first, and next this method handles the requests appropriately.
onEvent(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.monitor.TwisterMonitor
This method receives all the monitoring related events and handles them appropriately.
onEvent(NBEvent) - Method in class cgl.imr.pubsub.nb.NBPubSubService
Callback method for the NaradaBrokering.
onEvent(byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.worker.DaemonWorker
Listening method for all the incoming messages from the pub-sub broker network.


PARTITION_FILE_RESPONSE_TOPIC_BASE - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
PARTITION_FILE_SPLIT_PATTERN - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
PartitionFile - Class in cgl.imr.data.file
PartitionFile is a specific PartitionInfo.
PartitionFile(String) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.data.file.PartitionFile
PartitionFileCreator - Class in cgl.imr.client
A utility class to create a partition file - meta data file- accumulating the meta data about the the data partitions.
PartitionFileCreator() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.client.PartitionFileCreator
PartitionInfo - Interface in cgl.imr.data
Interface for partition information.
pollNodesAndCopyFile(String, String, String) - Method in class cgl.imr.script.FileCollector
pollNodesAndCreateParitionFile(String, String, String) - Method in class cgl.imr.client.PartitionFileCreator
ProcessHandler - Class in cgl.imr.worker
A utility class to print the stderr and strout of a process.
ProcessHandler(InputStream, String) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.worker.ProcessHandler
PROPERTIES_FILE - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
propertyList - Variable in class cgl.imr.base.TaskConf
PropertyLoader - Class in cgl.imr.util
Loads the properties using a given properties file.
PropertyLoader() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.util.PropertyLoader
pubsubBroker - Variable in class cgl.imr.config.TwisterConfigurations
PubSubException - Exception in cgl.imr.base
Exception for all pub-sub related errors.
PubSubException() - Constructor for exception cgl.imr.base.PubSubException
PubSubException(String) - Constructor for exception cgl.imr.base.PubSubException
PubSubException(String, Throwable) - Constructor for exception cgl.imr.base.PubSubException
PubSubException(Throwable) - Constructor for exception cgl.imr.base.PubSubException
PubSubFactory - Class in cgl.imr.base.impl
Factory method to select a pub/sub infrastructure based on the configuration properties.
PubSubFactory() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.base.impl.PubSubFactory
PubSubMessage - Class in cgl.imr.message
Abstract class capturing the common characteristics of pub-sub messages.
PubSubMessage() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.message.PubSubMessage
PubSubService - Interface in cgl.imr.base
Captures the behaviors expected from a pub-sub service.
pubSubService - Variable in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver


randomizer - Variable in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver
readRefIdIfAny(DataInputStream) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.PubSubMessage
reduce(ReduceOutputCollector, Key, List<Value>) - Method in interface cgl.imr.base.ReduceTask
Perform the reduce operation for a given MapReduce computation.
REDUCE_INPUT - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
REDUCE_RESPONSE - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
REDUCE_TASK - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
REDUCE_TASK_REQUEST - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
REDUCE_TOPIC_BASE - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
REDUCE_WORKER_REQUEST - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
reduceConfigured - Variable in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver
ReduceInput - Class in cgl.imr.message
Message carrying the map outputs to the reducers.
ReduceInput() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.message.ReduceInput
ReduceInput(byte[]) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.message.ReduceInput
ReduceOutputCollector - Interface in cgl.imr.base
Interface for collecting outputs of the Reduce tasks.
ReduceOutputCollectorImpl - Class in cgl.imr.base.impl
Collect the output of a Reduce task that need to be passed to the CombineTask.
ReduceOutputCollectorImpl(String) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.base.impl.ReduceOutputCollectorImpl
Reducer - Class in cgl.imr.worker
Executor for reduce tasks.Reducer holds the map outputs assigned to it until all the outputs are received.
Reducer(PubSubService, ReducerRequest, CustomClassLoader) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.worker.Reducer
ReducerConf - Class in cgl.imr.base.impl
Configuration for Reducer.
ReducerConf(byte[], ClassLoader) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.base.impl.ReducerConf
ReducerConf(int) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.base.impl.ReducerConf
ReducerConf(int, Value) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.base.impl.ReducerConf
ReducerRequest - Class in cgl.imr.message
Message requesting a reducer.
ReducerRequest() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.message.ReducerRequest
ReducerRequest(byte[]) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.message.ReducerRequest
ReducerRequest(JobConf, ReducerConf, String, String, String) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.message.ReducerRequest
ReducerSelector - Class in cgl.imr.base
This class and its specific implementation are used to group the outputs of the Map task to the Reduce task queues.
ReducerSelector() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.base.ReducerSelector
ReducerSelector(int, String, String) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.base.ReducerSelector
ReduceTask - Interface in cgl.imr.base
This interface encapsulates the methods that need to be supported by a user defined Reduce task.
reduceTasksMap - Variable in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver
reduceTopic - Variable in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver
refMsgId - Variable in class cgl.imr.message.PubSubMessage
resetMonitor() - Method in class cgl.imr.monitor.TwisterMonitor
RESPONSE_TOPIC_BASE - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
responseMap - Variable in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver
responseTopic - Variable in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver
run() - Method in class cgl.imr.client.ClientCall
run() - Method in class cgl.imr.client.ShutdownHook
run() - Method in class cgl.imr.script.FileCopyThread
run() - Method in class cgl.imr.worker.Mapper
run() - Method in class cgl.imr.worker.ProcessHandler
run() - Method in class cgl.imr.worker.Reducer
run() - Method in class cgl.imr.worker.TwisterDaemon
Handles the socket based communication, which is use to stop the TwisterDaemon.
runMapReduce() - Method in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver
Starts the MapReduce without any variable data (Key, Value).
runMapReduce(List<KeyValuePair>) - Method in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver
runMapReduceBCast(Value) - Method in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver
Starts the MapReduce with a single Value.


send(String, byte[]) - Method in interface cgl.imr.base.PubSubService
Publish a byte[] message to a given topic.
send(String, String) - Method in interface cgl.imr.base.PubSubService
Publish a String message to a given topic.
send(String, byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.pubsub.nb.NBPubSubService
Sends a byte[] message to a given String topic.
send(String, String) - Method in class cgl.imr.pubsub.nb.NBPubSubService
Sends a String message to a given String topic.
SEND_RECV_MAX_SLEEP_TIME - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
SEND_RECV_SLEEP_TIME - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
sendReceive(String, String, byte[]) - Method in class cgl.imr.client.ClientCall
This method acts as the request-response invocation using pub/sub First, it subscribe to the response topic, and send the request.
SerializationException - Exception in cgl.imr.base
Exception class for all serialization/deserialization related errors.
SerializationException() - Constructor for exception cgl.imr.base.SerializationException
SerializationException(String) - Constructor for exception cgl.imr.base.SerializationException
SerializationException(String, Throwable) - Constructor for exception cgl.imr.base.SerializationException
SerializationException(Throwable) - Constructor for exception cgl.imr.base.SerializationException
serializeRefId(DataOutputStream) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.PubSubMessage
setCombinerClass(Class<?>) - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.JobConf
setCombineTopic(String) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.CombineInput
setCombineTopic(String) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.ReducerRequest
setCurrentRequest(MapTaskRequest) - Method in class cgl.imr.worker.Mapper
setErrors(boolean) - Method in class cgl.imr.script.FileCopyThread
setExceptionString(String) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.TaskStatus
setExceptionString(String) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.WorkerResponse
setExecuationTime(long) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.TaskStatus
setHasCombiner(boolean) - Method in class cgl.imr.monitor.TwisterMonitor
setHasReduceClass(boolean) - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.JobConf
setJobConf(JobConf) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.ReducerRequest
setJobId(String) - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.JobConf
setJobId(String) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.EndJobRequest
setJobId(String) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.MapTaskRequest
setJobId(String) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.ReduceInput
setKeyValues(Map<Key, Value>) - Method in class cgl.imr.base.KeyValueMap
setKeyValues(Map<Key, Value>) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.MapTaskRequest
setMapConf(MapperConf) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.MapperRequest
setMapperClass(Class<?>) - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.JobConf
setMaxNumMapTasks(int) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.EndJobRequest
setMonitoringCompletes() - Method in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver
setMonitoringException(Exception) - Method in class cgl.imr.monitor.TwisterMonitor
setNode(int) - Method in class cgl.imr.data.NodePartitionPair
setNumMapTasks(int) - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.JobConf
setNumReduceTasks(int) - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.JobConf
setPartition(DataPartition) - Method in class cgl.imr.data.NodePartitionPair
setProperties(Hashtable<String, String>) - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.JobConf
setReduceConf(ReducerConf) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.ReducerRequest
setReducerClass(Class<?>) - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.JobConf
setReducerSelectorClass(Class<?>) - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.JobConf
setReduceTopic(String) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.ReducerRequest
setRefMessageId(String) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.PubSubMessage
setResponseTopic(String) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.EndJobRequest
setResponseTopic(String) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.MapperRequest
setResponseTopic(String) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.MapTaskRequest
setResponseTopic(String) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.ReducerRequest
setSink(String) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.ReduceInput
setSinkBase(String) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.MapTaskRequest
setStatus(byte) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.TaskStatus
setSubscriber(Subscribable) - Method in interface cgl.imr.base.PubSubService
Sets the subscribable object for this PubSubService.
setSubscriber(Subscribable) - Method in class cgl.imr.pubsub.nb.NBPubSubService
Sets the subscribable object for this PubSubService.
setTaskNo(int) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.TaskStatus
setTaskType(byte) - Method in class cgl.imr.message.TaskStatus
setTerminate() - Method in class cgl.imr.client.ShutdownHook
setValue(Value) - Method in class cgl.imr.base.impl.MapperConf
ShutdownHook - Class in cgl.imr.client
To handle cleaning up the driver.
ShutdownHook(TwisterDriver) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.client.ShutdownHook
shutDownHook - Variable in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver
sinkBase - Variable in class cgl.imr.base.ReducerSelector
SPLIT - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.data.DataPartition
StopDaemons - Class in cgl.imr.script
A utility class to stop daemons via the port that they listen.
StopDaemons() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.script.StopDaemons
StringKey - Class in cgl.imr.types
A Key that is simply a String.
StringKey() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.types.StringKey
StringKey(byte[]) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.types.StringKey
StringKey(String) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.types.StringKey
StringPropertyList - Interface in cgl.imr.base
StringPropertyListImpl - Class in cgl.imr.base.impl
Provides a mechanism to serialize/deserialize a set of string properties.
StringPropertyListImpl() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.base.impl.StringPropertyListImpl
StringValue - Class in cgl.imr.types
A Value class for a String value.
StringValue() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.types.StringValue
StringValue(byte[]) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.types.StringValue
StringValue(String) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.types.StringValue
Subscribable - Interface in cgl.imr.base
Interface for subscribable classes.
subscribe(String) - Method in interface cgl.imr.base.PubSubService
Subscribe to a topic.
subscribe(String) - Method in class cgl.imr.pubsub.nb.NBPubSubService
Subscribe to a topic.
SUCCESS - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants


TASK_STATUS - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
TaskAssignment - Class in cgl.imr.client
TaskAssignment(PubSubMessage, int) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.client.TaskAssignment
TaskConf - Class in cgl.imr.base
Abstract class encapsulating the common functionality of the TaskConf.
TaskConf() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.base.TaskConf
TaskConf(byte[]) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.base.TaskConf
TaskStatus - Class in cgl.imr.message
TaskStatus(byte, byte, int, long) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.message.TaskStatus
TaskStatus(byte[]) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.message.TaskStatus
terminate() - Method in class cgl.imr.worker.Reducer
terminateTasksMap - Variable in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver
termintate() - Method in class cgl.imr.worker.DaemonWorker
Terminate the DaemonWorker.
toString() - Method in class cgl.imr.types.StringValue
TwisterConfigurations - Class in cgl.imr.config
Wrapper class for Twister related properties.
TwisterConfigurations(String) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.config.TwisterConfigurations
TwisterConstants - Interface in cgl.imr.base
Common place for the constants associated with the framework.
TwisterConstants.JobState - Enum in cgl.imr.base
TwisterDaemon - Class in cgl.imr.worker
TwisterDaemon that is responsible for all the server side processing in Twister framework.
TwisterDaemon(int, int) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.worker.TwisterDaemon
TwisterDriver - Class in cgl.imr.client
Client side driver for the MapReduce computations.
TwisterDriver(JobConf) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver
Constructor for the TwisterDriver.
TwisterException - Exception in cgl.imr.base
Exception class for the framework.
TwisterException() - Constructor for exception cgl.imr.base.TwisterException
TwisterException(String) - Constructor for exception cgl.imr.base.TwisterException
TwisterException(String, Throwable) - Constructor for exception cgl.imr.base.TwisterException
TwisterException(Throwable) - Constructor for exception cgl.imr.base.TwisterException
TwisterMonitor - Class in cgl.imr.monitor
Monitor the progress of MapReduce computation tasks.
TwisterMonitor(JobConf, TwisterDriver) - Constructor for class cgl.imr.monitor.TwisterMonitor
TwisterSerializable - Interface in cgl.imr.base
Interface for serializing/de-serializing serailzable objects of the framework.


unsubscribe(String) - Method in interface cgl.imr.base.PubSubService
Unsubscribe from a topic for which we have subscribed previously.
unsubscribe(String) - Method in class cgl.imr.pubsub.nb.NBPubSubService
Unsubscribe from a topic.
uuidGen - Variable in class cgl.imr.client.TwisterDriver


Value - Interface in cgl.imr.base
Interface for any Value in MapReduce computations.
valueOf(String) - Static method in enum cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants.JobState
Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
values() - Static method in enum cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants.JobState
Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.


WORKER_RESPONSE - Static variable in interface cgl.imr.base.TwisterConstants
WorkerResponse - Class in cgl.imr.message
Response coming from the daemons to the TwisterDriver.
WorkerResponse() - Constructor for class cgl.imr.message.WorkerResponse
writeToBinFile(String) - Method in class cgl.imr.types.DoubleVectorData
Write the vector data into a binary file.
writeToTextFile(String) - Method in class cgl.imr.types.DoubleVectorData
Write the vector data into a text file.


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